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10 Important Reasons
SAVVY Affordable Tours®

are the #1 best low-cost tours

Most-importantly, you should understand and realize that not all tours are created equal.  Many travelers end up
ENDURING, rather than ENJOYING, their low-cost vacation trip to Europe.  In contrast, SAVVY Affordable Tours® offers outstanding tours which are quality and comprehensive, while also providing great value and affordability.

We encourage you to compare all that our tour packages include with what most other tour operators include in their tour packages. You will discover that SAVVY affordable tour packages always includes many more guided tours, entrance tickets, and special activities (including arrival and departure transfers) which other tour operators either do not offer OR offer them only as extra-cost "optionals". You'll discover, when you compare all that our tour packages include, that
SAVVY Affordable Tours® provides you the BEST OVERALL VALUE of any low-cost tour in the travel industry.


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      Read carefully the following 10 important reasons why SAVVY Affordable Tours® are the #1 best-value, low-cost tours:  

  1. SAVVY Affordable Tours® provides “comprehensive” tour packages in each city so that our guests will see not only a few major sites in each city, but will instead have included in their tour package all the sites (or almost all the sites) which most travelers want to see-and-experience.  You can observe, when comparing, that Savvy tour packages includes (at “no extra cost”) MANY tours, sites, and activities, which most other tour operators will either not offer, or will only offer to guests who are willing to pay for “extra-cost options”.  We encourage “savvy” travelers to look not only at the cost of a tour package, but look closely at what is included and/or not included in a tour package!

    SAVVY Affordable Tours® wants guests who book our tour packages to not “miss out” on tours, sites, and activities which we believe that every traveler should experience in each city.   For example, in Milan, we include (i.e., you will not “pay extra” for) Small-Group entrance tickets to view Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the “Last Supper”.  In Venice, we include (i.e., you will not “pay extra” for) a wonderful gondola ride in the evening with a serenading gondolier.  In Florence, we include (i.e., you will not “pay extra” for) interior Skip-the-Line entrance tickets to the Accademia Gallery to view one of Michelangelo’s famous marble masterpiece, the “David”.   In Rome, we include (i.e., you will not “pay extra” for) not one, not two, but ALL THREE (3) of the most-important half-day guided sightseeing tours, with Skip-the-Line entrance tickets, in Rome.  On your transfer from Rome to Sorrento, we include (i.e., you will not “pay extra” for) entrance tickets to the Ruins of Pompeii.  In Sorrento, we include (i.e., you will not “pay extra”) for a full-day Amalfi-Coast Drive tour, along with visits to each of the three most-important towns on the Amalfi-Coast Drive.  Also in Sorrento, we include a cruise excursion to the Isle of Capri, where you will enjoy a full-day guided tour of this magical island. 

    For our guests who do wish to “see-and-do” even more than what we already include in our comprehensive tour packages, we have selected the best, most-exciting, and unique “optional experiences” --- experiences which we believe you will see for yourself are truly “extra-special”!   For example, you may choose an optional “Italian cooking class”, or visit Pisa from Florence to see “the Leaning Tower of Pisa”, or enjoy a full-day tour to the lovely quaint towns and villages and sites in Tuscany or the Cinque Terre (on your “independent free day in Florence”), or book an optional guided tour with an expert English-speaking guide who will point out the most important art and sculpture treasures inside one or more of Italy’s great art museums.  Just click on the tab, “Optional Experiences”, to see all the wonderful “options” you can experience in the cities you will visit.
  2. SAVVY Affordable Tours®, unlike most other low-cost tour providers, limits the number of travelers booked on most of our included guided tours to a maximum of 25 guests.  Unlike when booking other low-cost tours, you’ll not be a part of a LARGE HERD of 35, 40, 45, or even 50 travelers when you travel with us.  What a “POSITIVE DIFFERENCE” you will experience in both tour quality and satisfaction when you are a part of a SMALL GROUP tour rather than a LARGE GROUP tour!  Because of the SMALL-GROUP tours which SAVVY Affordable Tours® offers, you can sit back and ENJOY each tour, rather than merely ENDURE each tour, in your tour package!
  3. When you book with SAVVY Affordable Tours®, your initial deposit is only $250/person, and unlike most other tour operators, is 100% fully-refundable for any and every reason all the way up to 60 days prior to your tour departure. Most other tour operators begin to assess cancellation fees after only 72 hours from the time of your initial tour deposit!
  4. On all of SAVVY Affordable Tours®, you can sit back and rest assured that you will be provided on all our tours:
    1. Skip-the-Line fast-track upgraded entrance tickets at all venues offering this service.  You will NOT be standing in long lines which often are 2 - 3 hours in length waiting to get inside some of Italy’s famous historical sites, museums, churches, and other venues.
    2. The most-outstanding professional English-speaking tour guides in each city we visit.  Your expert guides will offer you all the essential information and insight at each historical site.  All your guides will be knowledgeable, experienced, and you will be able to understand their comments because they speak excellent English. On most tours you will also be provided with ear phones so that you can understand clearly the commentary your guide provides.
  5. ALL hotels provided by SAVVY Affordable Tours® are hand-selected and specifically-chosen by our outstanding tour professionals and must meet rigid standards for us to include them in our tour packages.

    Each hotel provided on all SAVVY Affordable Tours® must:
    1. Be centrally-located close to the major historical sites and also be within walking distance (5- to 15-minute walk) of the main train station in each city.  You can rest assured that no hotel provided on a SAVVY Affordable Tour will be “outside-the-city”, as other low-cost tour operators often provide in their tour packages.
    2. Be either a 4-star (First-Class) hotel or a specially-selected, top-rated, 3-star (Superior Tourist-Class) hotel.  Never is a 1-star or 2-star hotel property used in any of our tour packages.
    3. Be listed as one of the top-rated hotels in each city by Trip Advisor.
    4. Be clean and provide an en-suite private bathroom (never will our guests be required to share a bathroom or use a bathroom “down the hall” from their bedroom).
    5. Provide friendly, helpful, reliable hotel staff which can answer questions, provide helpful suggestions, and offer personal service(s) to our SAVVY guests.
    6. Provide great value for our guests’ trip vacation dollar.
  6. Breakfast each morning is always included at no extra cost in each of our tour packages.  Our hotels will offer you either a delicious breakfast served at your table or a delightful breakfast buffet where you select the food you desire.  We have selected European hotels where the breakfast is tasty, and the restaurant staff is efficient, polite, and courteous.

    Two (2) special 3-course dinners are also included on all SAVVY Affordable Tours®.  Included with each dinner will be your choice of one glass of wine, beer, soft drink, or bottled water.  (Additional beverages may be purchased independently at each of the restaurants.)
  7. Both your airport arrival transfer AND your airport departure transfer are always included on all SAVVY Affordable Tours®.  The type of transfer included in your tour package will vary depending on city of arrival and the city of departure.  Details regarding your arrival and departure transfers will be provided with your final documents.
  8. SAVVY Affordable Tours® will take away the S-T-R-E-S-S of having to prepare, plan, and execute the ideal, affordable vacation to Europe.  We do all the work for you --- from start to finish --- including selecting for you the best locally-guided tours with the best English-speaking guides, the best-value centrally-located hotels, the best-value authentic restaurants, as well as including your airport arrival and departure transfers, etc.   SAVVY does all the work and makes all the arrangements for you so that you can sit back, relax, and immediately begin to enjoy dreaming about the most-ideal vacation trip to Europe which you can possibly imagine!

    The staff at SAVVY Affordable Tours® make it possible for our guests to avoid the hassles and mistakes which often occur when travelers attempt to independently prepare and choose all the specific details and arrangements involved in executing the perfect European vacation.  Not only does SAVVY Affordable Tours® provide for you the ideal European tour, but we do so at a rate which offers our guests “the best value” possible and is also truly “affordable”.   

    You can avoid experiencing unexpected, unpleasant surprises (which far too many travelers experience) while traveling abroad when you book your vacation trip with SAVVY Affordable Tours®.  Our experience and expertise, along with our affordability, makes the decision to book your special vacation trip with SAVVY Affordable Tours® truly a wise decision!
  9. Travelers on all SAVVY Affordable Tours® can experience complete and total “peace-of-mind”, knowing that their chosen tour package is overseen by one of the premier, professional, upscale tour operators in the travel industry --- Story Land & Sea (formerly, QueensLander Tours) --- based in Denver, Colorado.
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    SAVVY’s outstanding expert travel professionals assure that our guests will save themselves stress, time, and money. Deciding to book with SAVVY Affordable Tours® is the the most convenient, affordable way of planning a quality trip to Europe since we include in your tour package all that you should see-and-do, and at a great-value --- guaranteed to provide you a truly affordable, memorable vacation experience.

Be SAVVY --- save money, obtain great value, without compromising quality, and phone us at 1-877-865-6711 to book one of our great-value, low-cost tour packages --- AND, for a limited time save $500/PERSON on select 2019 tours! Don’t risk your European dream vacation --- instead, book with the finest, affordable tour operator in the travel industry --- SAVVY Affordable Tours.


NOTE:   If you don't see the exact tour itinerary you want, no problem! Just phone us, and one of our travel experts will work with you in crafting and creating the ideal vacation package at a rate which is still affordable and offers a great value.